Over the past 8 years our independent family business has been making super creamy, super rich, and delicious artisan gelato flavours. We slowly said goodbye to our dairy gelato and hello to our increasing plant based range.

On the 26th March 2016 we celebrated the launch of Gelato Blue becoming SYDNEY'S FIRST EVER PLANT BASED GELATERIA.

100% Plant Based Gelato


Why the change? Why plant based? Isn't gelato made without dairy just a sorbet?

With a few recipe experiments we've been able to revolutionise old traditions and create new ones by replacing dairy with super creamy, super rich and delicious milk from the humble, hairy....coconut! Yes, milk from plants!


The Big Change

We positively decided to make our entire 25 artisan gelato range plant-based, dairy-free, and planet-friendly, so more people can enjoy our product. Our handmade gelato continues to tastes amazing with a smaller global footprint.


Oldies and Newbies

Each year we get so excited about any upcoming festivity that involves celebrating and expressing it with the whole of Newtown (and the rest of the world), through our gelato flavours. Greek Easter? Greek Sesame Halva Gelato! Mardi Gras? Pink Flamingo Fruit Cocktail Gelato! Valentines Day? Love Potion Rose and Raspberry Swirl Gelato! The list goes on. Any type of festivity. We've got it covered.


In our display freezer you'll find your old favourites like Hokey Pokey, Mint Belgian Chip and Cookies and Cream. You'll also find some exciting seasonal flavours such as Dutch Waffle with Salted Caramel Chai and Carrot Cake with Maple and Walnuts. Yum! We always are busy creating new and exciting flavours for you all to enjoy!


We hope you embrace our planet-friendly gelato just as much as we believe in our product.

See you soon at Gelato Blue!

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